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China's rapid development of crusher machine
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In 2012, is China's machinery a year of flying development. In the"12th Five-Year Plan" for second years, our country enterprise rapid development of crusher. The strong wind and big waves through 2011,2012 our country enterprise development the crusher is what?

One, domestic competition
By the protection of housing construction to high-speed rail construction, domestic crusher machinery market forever full of vitality. The domestic market is a big cake, with our broken machinery of the continuous development of enterprises, the cake will beacon was doomed. With the great western development and Xinjiang build energetically, Western China and Xinjiang become broken machinery industry new competition, who mastered the two market, who will be rapid development. In 2012, local competition of the year, also be seen for a year.

Two, the development of overseas market into the mainstream
Long-term since, in the face of the overseas market, Chinese enterprises have been eating cold-shoulder treatment. But along with the continuous development of enterprises, our engineering machinery with the international giants competing strength. At the beginning of the three one acquisition of the German giants have revealed our country project mechanical strength. Whether it is going to buy either, or in overseas construction base or not, the overseas market, our country will not.

In three, the second-hand market fire
Along with the country the transformation of mode of economic development, the configuration of social natural resources will be more reasonable optimization, second-hand equipment will become the 2012engineering machinery industry a new mode of survival and development. On the whole, market of our country grab in the refurbished, and manufacturing business is still in its infancy, second-hand construction machinery market has not been refurbished, and remanufacturing business form interaction, but this does not affect the second-hand machinery in our country market fire.

Four, the enterprise diversification
With the continuous development of the market, our country crusher enterprise single production enterprises difficult to a variety of flowers in the market to survive, to develop forward, enterprises must realize the diversification, the only way to have sustainable competitiveness.

In five, an apparent
With the development of our country in 2011groundless talk, broken machinery enterprises have stronger oligarch, strong, weak elimination. In 2012will be more obvious, leading enterprises will have more market, small businesses will step forward dimension difficult. To follow the market development, and strengthen their own each broken machinery enterprises in 2012the common direction!

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