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Ultrafine pulverizer in Chinese traditional medicine industry and Application
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Superfine comminution technology in recent 20 years, the international development of new technologies. The so-called ultra-fine powder, is the use of mechanical or fluid dynamic approach to overcome the internal cohesion of the solid so broken, so that more than 3 millimeters of material particles to smash the10-25 micron technology, operation, was the nineteen seventies later, to meet the development of modern high-tech materials have a high-tech processing.

Ultra fine powder is the ultimate ultra-fine powder, general particles do not have special physical and chemical properties, such as good solubility, dispersion, adsorption, chemical reaction activity. Therefore ultra-fine powder has been widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic pesticides, dyes, paint, electronics and aerospace and many other fields.

Technology of superfine grinding and its application in the food processing the importance of two aspects, one is improving the taste of food, and is conducive to the absorption of nutrients; two is the original can not fully absorb or the use of raw materials to be reused, compounding and processing into a variety of functional food, the development of new food materials, adding new foods varieties, improving the utilization rate of resources.

Our country food gross value of industrial output in the industrial sector of proportion has jumped to first place, reach the scale of 500000000000 Yuan, but product structure is unreasonable, deep processing of products that food manufacturing industry accounted for only 16%. At present, to promote food industry deep processing, increase the added value of products has become the consensus of the society and the enterprise. Therefore, superfine crushing technology as a new technology in food processing, will have a wide application prospect.

Different materials have different grinding characteristics, often require different crushing method, in food processing of superfine grinding equipment for jet mill and colloid mill, airflow pulverization is currently more advanced ultra-micro grinding equipment. In the process of low temperature rise, particularly suitable for heat sensitive food processing, but the large consumption of energy. Colloid mill is widely used in food superfine grinding process, it is one of the more traditional methods. According to the literature, mechanical crushing95-99% pulverized can turn into heat, so the material temperature rise is inevitable. Thermosensitive food easily and therefore deteriorate, melting, sticky, at the same time machine crushing capacity will be reduced.

Therefore, before crushing or grinding can be used when appropriate cooling method. For the same kind of food material is also often required multiple comminuted combination can be effectively crush; each kind of grinding equipment, often with multiple grinding; grinding process for particle crushing, increase the surface area required energy than the actual total input energy low, illustrate the mill in practice may far exceed the valid input energy energy consumption, in other words ultrafine pulverizer energy also has the potential to be excavated.

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