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China heavy machinery industry development prospects
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According to the heavy machine Association on4663 enterprises statistics, last year the gross value of industrial output 718200000000 yuan, grow 25.55% compared to the same period, industrial sales output value of 694170000000 yuan, grow 25.15% compared to the same period, new product production value 142080000000 yuan, grow 8.08% compared to the same period, export delivery value of 53790000000 yuan, drops 9.19% compared to the same period.

Among them, mining machinery production and sales growth to compare fast, grow 32.2% compared to the same period, metallurgical equipment22.6%, lifting the transport machinery for22.11%. Metallurgical equipment delivery value of exports dropped 22.09%. Main product output growth range is relatively large cement equipment grew 40.7%, transportation machinery grows 37.82%, grow 19.2% mining equipment, metallurgical equipment crane grows 10.29%, growth was only 8.6%, down 3.18% metal rolling equipment.

Total industrial output value of over 10 billion Enterprises: Dalian heavy, too heavy, heavy, North heavy industries, CITIC Heavy, double, Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industries. Sales output value of more than billion, Dalian heavy (14277000000 yuan ), is too heavy (13357000000 yuan ), CITIC Heavy (12508000000 yuan ), North Heavy Industries (12296000000 yuan ), Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (17120000000 yuan ). Total output value of industry sales before the ten enterprises, in addition to the above-mentioned five enterprises have a heavy (9432000000 yuan ), double (9332000000 yuan ), heavy (3979000000 yuan ), Wei Hua (3625000000 yuan ), Jiangsu Tongrun (3101000000 yuan ).

Heavy machine industry profit amounted to 49000000000 yuan, grow 20.1% compared to the same period, industry profit rate for 7.1%, drop compared to the same period 0.1, shows the whole industry benefits need to be improved. The industry is large and medium-sized key enterprise whole benefit, profit total and faster growth in Dalian, enterprises have a heavy, CITIC Heavy, too heavy.

But the heavy machine industry export situation is not optimistic, year exit forehead is 11120000000 dollar, import export surplus was $5169000000, down 11.1%. First quarter somewhat warmer.

This year first quarter industry production and sales volume picks up speed is accelerated apparently, the total industrial output value reached172356000000 yuan, grow 27.86% compared to the same period, industrial sales output value reached 165710000000 yuan, grow 27.77% compared to the same period, the total import and export volume of US $4472000000, an increase of 19.66%, although it continued to maintain a surplus of $1142000000, but has declined 9.65%. The metallurgical equipment industrial sales output value reached 20655000000 yuan, grow 8.95% compared to the same period, the total import and export volume of667000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 12.74%, a trade surplus of US $24110000, down 69.67%, export situation is not good; mining machinery sales output value reached 52668000000 yuan, grow 34.25% compared to the same period, the total import and export volume of480000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 53.43%, trade surplus126000000dollar, grow 139.6% compared to the same period, export development momentum is good; hoisting and conveying machinery home market situation is quite good, industrial sales output value reached 92394000000 yuan, grow 29.2% compared to the same period, the total import and export volume of3325000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 17.46%, a trade surplus of US $992000000, but fell 12.36%, export situation is not optimistic.

The large-scale key enterprises in the overall situation is normal, delivery in good condition, full mission, several leading enterprises situation is stable, the overall benefit is better. Excess capacity is highlighted at present heavy machine industry problems, Xu Shan afterwards said, high-end manufacturing field due to the inadequate investment in R & D, technology reserves is insufficient, do not follow to go up the domestic and international market change, development momentum is not strong, had large effects on the industrial structural adjustment of the enterprise and development.Heavy casting and forging production capacity is too dispersive, the heavy forging equipment, large water press, hydraulic press has a heavy15000 tons, double16000 tons,16500 tons, CITIC Heavy18500 tons, some enterprises are20000tons hydraulic press, if continue to disorderly development, will affect the investment benefit.

Surplus production capacity of the bridge, gantry crane, small belt conveyor market competition is too intense, price war has reached white-hot, especially for middle and small bridge, gantry crane enterprises will face the risk of failure. Industry within the small and medium-sized enterprise talent crisis is more outstanding, R & D strength is weak and lack of high technology industry team, has become the bottleneck of development. Due to fierce market competition, price fall, raw materials, staff wages rise, as the national loan control, small and medium-sized enterprise funds chain will appear crisis.

Improve the competitiveness of the industry

The future development of the industry should focus on high-end manufacturing areas of significant science and technology project, the country should increase financial support. Also, strengthen intellectual property protection, is conducive to the promotion of production, learning and research, cooperation, to promote science and technology innovation as the support of the adjustment of industrial structure. He also said, responding to overcapacity in the industry, such as bridge, gantry crane industry requires a strict control of the issuance of a license, in the replacement to improve the firing threshold, is conducive to promoting the strategy of the enterprise reorganization. Grasp market opportunities, reasonable for the revision of standards, the elimination of backward production capacity, to participate in international competition, accelerate to enter the international market.

Depicting the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" prospect

Heavy machine industry must change the blind expansion of production capacity, one-sided pursuit of value, extensive development mode.

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